Baa Baa Beads amber teething necklace
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Baa Baa Beads for Babies

Baa Baa Beads are handmade amber necklaces from Europe.  These natural necklaces are made from Baltic Amber, a resin used for centuries.

Baltic Amber has been used for centuries and healing practices passed down through generations throughout Europe. Baltic Amber is known as succinate (because it contains trace amounts of succinic acid) you will find this information in many GEM guides that you may read.

For many centuries Baltic Amber has been reported to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities when worn.  To date there are no scientific studies to support these claims and consequently we do not state them to be factual, however many people continue to report the positive benefits.

Suitable for
This product is suitable for children and toddlers from 3 months onwards.

For safety, each bead has been individually knotted and the necklace will break under stress.
The beads should be removed when the child is unattended or sleeping.
The beads are for wearing not chewing.

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