Baa Baa Beads amber teething necklace
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" My 12 month old daughter is living proof that amber teething beads work. Her first tooth came through New Years Day and only found it on the off chance as I was still feeding her myself. She has 12 teeth and I've only had one sleepless night with her teething. Unlike her older sister and brother age 16 & 13 up screaming the house down for days and nights on end. "

" Teething was becoming a nightmare for me and our son. When a coffee group friend told me about the amber teething necklace I was a hesitant but decided to give it a go. It turn out to be an amazing! Our son was so relieved and we went back to have a good night sleep. I would recommend it to every parent as I think it is a must have. "

" We love the amber teething necklace. It has work wonders for our little girl. It is not only a great natural remedy, but looks super cute on her as well. "